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The New Tesla Battery - Part 2

Posted by Sally Reuther on Thursday, July 30, 2015, In : STEM Internship 
David: Alright, so where was I?
Brittany: You just finished talking to us about the Tesla battery on a large boat or yacht
David: That's right! We were talking about how the installation would have to meet marine industry standards. But there is more to it. It's not just a battery, you also need an inverter. I actually find it interesting that Tesla doesn't come right out and say that you are just buying the battery pack. You have to separately buy the inverter.
Sam: Really? 
David: Yes. The batt...
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The New Tesla Battery _ Part 1

Posted by Sally Reuther on Saturday, July 4, 2015, In : Annapolis Hybrid Marine 

From left to right: David DiQuinzio, Brittany, Shaun and Sam

STEM Interns Brittany and Sam: We are here today talking to David DiQuinzio, CTO (that stands for Chief Technology Officer!) of Annapolis Hybrid Marine, about the new Tesla Battery.
David: How are you doing?
Brittany: Great, we are learning a lot about electric propulsion working here this summer! So Mr. David, can you tell us about the new Tesla battery that came out?
David: Yes, the new Tesla battery has gained a lot of interest and ...
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