• Increased reliability, security & comfort... An electric motor requires no warm up time. Just turn the key, adjust the throttle and GO. Power is immediately available, making harbor maneuvering easier and more accurate.

  • Low weight... The electric propulsion system weighs very little. Batteries can be placed where they will offer better weight optimization.

  • Easy installation... Due to the low weight of the motor and gearing, it is easy to install and align without the need for heavy tools or a large crane. Many owners do their own installations.

  • Low maintenance costs... The only parts in the motor which require maintenance are the brushes and gearbelt. No more oil changes! Winter lay up is simple - no anti-freeze needed.

  • Quiet, clean power... The electric propulsion system is virtually silent, making it easier to communicate. No oil, no exhaust fumes mean a cleaner boat, and a cleaner environment
Clean eMarine Americas Electric Propulsion

    You'll like what you don't hear! 

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