Summer 2019! - Enjoy Boating!

See you this fall at:

United States Sailboat Show

BellMarine Inboard Systems to 50kW

Thoosa DC Inboard Systems 5.5kW to 12kW

Larger kW & Hybrid Systems for Launches & Trawlers

Oceanvolt Saildrives to 15kW & Inboard Systems to 40kW          

Lithionics Lithium Batteries • ReLion Lead Crystal Batteries

EP Carry Electric Outboard • Sunbeam Solar Panels          

ePropulsion Electric Outboards - Spirit 1.0 / Navy 3 / Navy 6  

ePropulsion: Pod Motors & Vaquita for SUPS and Kayaks    

Victron • Chesapeake 3 Props • Saietta DC Motors 

        DC Generators for propulsion and house loads