Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show 2019

   Join David & Sally, owners of Annapolis Hybrid Marine, at the 

2019 Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, to talk about marine electric propulsion

    & find out about everything you need to convert your boat to clean, efficient



See the small but powerful 
EP CARRY Electric Outboard 
WINNER of the 
At Miami International Boat Show
Motor, battery & charger weighs 21.6lbs
Short/standard, Long, or Mini shaft sizes
Buoyant Lithium battery in soft case
5 hour smart charger
Soft Motor Carry bag with shoulder strap
Lock & key for security

BellMarine Inboard Systems to 50kW • Oceanvolt
Thoosa DC Inboard Systems 5.5kW to 12kW
Larger kW & Hybrid Systems for Launches & Trawlers
               Lithionics Lithium Batteries • Sunbeam Solar Panels
          ePropulsion Electric Outboards - Spirit 1.0 / Navy 3 / Navy 6 
                  Victron • Chesapeake 3 Props • Saietta DC Motors 
                    DC Generators for propulsion and house loads