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  or, Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

     Bringing a 50-Year-Old Chesapeake 32 Classic into the 21st            Century                                                   By Bob Senseney

Thoosa 12000 hybrid electric propulsion

Be sure to check out the Fall 2014 issue of Cruising Outpost for this great article by Bob Senseney about converting his boat to a Thoosa 12000. If you don't have the magazine - read the article here: 


             What a difference an electric propulsion conversion can make!

Hated sailing before electric propulsion

Above: Sheridan and her brother looking not too happy with the diesel fumes on Dad's Irwin 30.  

 Right: Sheridan, now 14, looking happy and right at home at the helm on that same boat now that it has a Thoosa 7000HT electric propulsion system. Where once she dreaded being on the boat because it made her sick, now she can't wait to go sailing with Dad. She's even asked him to teach her to single hand! Read her story (click on title above), published in Spinsheet Magazine, about an Easter Day sail with Dad on their electric boat.

Ease of electric propulsion sailing

Hylas 44 

An Electric/Hybrid Conversion

Even big boats can cruise long distances with electric propulsion! This article in ABYC's Reference Point Magazine shows how one boat configured their electric propulsion system with a Thoosa 12000 from Annapolis Hybrid Mairne. 



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