Sally Reuther & David DiQuinzio owners of Annapolis Hybrid Marine sailing their Moody 376, On to Fortune
Sally Reuther, Owner             David DiQuinzio, Chief Engineer

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Our love of the environment and being on the water brought us into the electric marine propulsion business. Being able to enjoy sailing without the noise, vibration, fumes and maintenance woes associated with a diesel engine was a major factor in looking at electric propulsion for our own boat. When we found out there was a need for a U.S. distributor for the Thoosa systems, we agreed it was the right time to move into this field. David's degree as an electrical engineer and my skills with marketing, design and management were the perfect mix to begin Annapolis Hybrid Marine. We love helping fellow boaters find the joys of quiet, clean, green sailing and boating.
We began importing the Thoosa systems in 2010. Over the past several years we have seen significant growth in this field and more demand for an electric repower from boaters who are looking for a green alternative to their inboard diesel or gas engine. In September of 2013 we began working with Oceanvolt to promote and sell their saildrive technology. Recently we have added BellMarine and Transfluid systems as part of our offerings, along with electric outboard motors from ePropulsion and EP Carry. We offer a selection of batteries for all of our systems, along with SunBeam Solar Panels and other equipment often used with electric propulsion conversions. We have a strong desire to do our part to help clean up our waterways and make being on the water a more enjoyable pastime for our customers. 
David DiQuinzio, PE

Annapolis Hybrid Marine Chief Engineer

David DiQuinzio

Sally's Sailing Story

After meeting in the early 80's, David first took me sailing on a small daysailor while visiting friends in North Carolina. I fell in love with being on the water and hearing the wind in the sails. We sailed our first boat, a Schwill 16 around the sounds and coastline area of Avalon, NJ. From there we moved up to a Rhodes 22 and spent even more time on the water cruising the Delaware River, the upper Chesapeake Bay and the Jersey shore. I became so involved with sailing that I spent 3 years as an ASA Sailing Instructor for a local sailing school in the Philadelphia area. Our Moody 376, 'On to Fortune' was purchased in 1995, and I got my 50 ton USCG Masters License. In 1996 David took a partial sabbatical and we moved onboard, headed down the ICW and in to the Bahamas. Returning home from our year long trip we decided to move to Annapolis and I began work as a yacht broker, while David continued his electrical engineering career from our home in the Eastport neighborhood of Annapolis. 
Today, David is a consultant in electrical engineering, but spends a lot of time working with me at Annapolis Hybrid Marine to help our customers understand how electric propulsion can be a great option for their boat. 


Annapolis Hybrid Marine is ideally located on the Eastport peninsula across Spa Creek from downtown Annapolis, MD and the U.S. Naval Academy. Our office is in the historic Trumpy complex. Visit us and enjoy learning about a part of boating history! We are open by appointment - please call 410-353-4348.
Trumpy history

        Aerial view of the former Trumpy yard in Eastport 

The Trumpy Complex today is home to a wide selection of marine businesses.

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